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Application open for $500 Walmart Golden Key Scholarship

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Thank you for your interest in the Golden Key Scholarship.

Please read the entire instructions before applying for the scholarship.

Eligible students are 17-21 years old with a documented disability, verifiable by a qualified professional, mental health provider, or medical professional.

Eligible students must be receiving, or have received, their high school diploma, alternate state diploma, GED, or Certificated of Completion and be transitioning or have transitioned to other educational programs after their high school program.  Applicants must be a Resident of Utah.


Please have all the following information ready before filling out the application. 
1. High school transcripts (and college if applicable)
2. Documentation of disability
3. Essay
4. Financial information
5. Employer information (if applicable)
6. 2 letters of recommendation (see form for requirements)

Scholarship money will be paid to the Utah institution or training program of choice and must be used within 18 months. If for some reason the scholarship cannot be used during this time, a request for an extension can be sent to the committee for review.

Scholarship applications must be submitted by June 17th. Please make sure that all sections are complete because required questions that are left blank will be scored as zero. Responses receive a point value that is averaged to determine scholarship recipients.

Please reach out to Shannon Williams ([email protected]) or Leah Lobato (Leah Lobato at 801-887-9538 or [email protected]) with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your application.

Click here for Scholarship application link