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Disability:IN Global Disability Calendar

Disability:IN Utah Events Calendar

JANUARY- Glaucoma Awareness Month

Tuesday, January 18th Steering Committee Meeting 1:00 – 2:00 PM contact us for more information

Wednesday, January 26th Lunch and Learn USU Rural Online Initiative

Friday, January 28th Disability Equality Index (DEI) Registration Deadline

FEBRUARY – Heart and Stroke Awareness month

Tuesday, February 15th – Steering Committee Meeting

Tuesday, February 15th – Friday, February 28th Week One Flash Mentoring event – Virtual Mentoring Event

MARCH- Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Tuesday, March 1st – Friday March 4th Week Two Flash Mentoring event – Virtual Mentoring Event

Tuesday, March 8th – Employer Workshop on Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities

Tuesday, March 15th Steering Committee meeting

Thursday, March 24th – Lunch and Learn- Mental Health Safe Messaging and Protective Factors – Register Here

Monday, March 28th, – Lunch and Learn – Multiple Sclerosis Awareness – Register Here

APRIL – Parkinson Awareness Month

Saturday, April 2nd World Autism Day

Friday, April 8th – DEI responses due

Tuesday, April 12 – Work Ability Career Preparation and Job Fair

Business Partner Registration

Job Seeker Registration

TBD – Lunch and Learn – Neurodiversity in the Workforce

May – Mental Health Awareness Month

Tuesday, May 17th – Steering Committee meeting

TBD – Lunch and Learn – Mental Health

JUNE- Alzheimer’s & Brain Injury Awareness Month

Tuesday, June 21st – Steering Committee Meeting

TBD – Lunch and Learn – Alzheimer’s

JULY- Disability Pride Month

Monday, July 18th – July 21st Disability:IN Global Conference, Dallas, TX

Tuesday, July 19th – Steering Committee Meeting

Tuesday, July 26th ADA Anniversary

TBD – Lunch and Learn -ADA History and Current Impacts

AUGUST – Auto Inflammatory Disorder Awareness Month

Tuesday, August 16th – Steering Committee Meeting

TBD – Lunch and Learn – Aging Workplace

SEPTEMBER- Deaf Awareness Month

September 13th – Employer Workshop on Hiring and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities – Salt Lake

Tuesday, September 20th Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, September 29th – Disability:IN Utah Summit and 48th Annual Golden Key Awards – National Ability Center, Park City, UT

TBD – Lunch and Learn – Suicide Preventions, PTS, Veterans

TBD – Lunch and Learn – Pain Awareness/Management

OCTOBER- Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month, NDEAM – theme

Tuesday, October 4th – 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM Fall Work Ability Job Fair –Taylorsville

Tuesday, October 19th – Steering Committee Meeting

TBD- Lunch and Learn – Late Diagnosis ADHD

NOVEMBER- Prostate Cancer/Men’s Health Awareness Month

Tuesday, November 15th – Steering Committee Meeting

TBD – Lunch and Learn – Men’s Awareness Month

DECEMBER – Universal Human Rights Month

TBD Holiday Social

TBD – Lunch and Learn – Human Rights

2022 Disability:IN Utah calendar table