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Brett Byrnes – Director of Army Programs

Brett ByrnesBrett Byrnes is Director of Army programs for L3Harris (Communication Systems-West) in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He has held this and prior positions with L3Harris for over 16 years and also held program manager and business development positions at Evans & Sutherland (Salt Lake City) a military simulation developer for an additional five years beforehand. In the current position of Director of Programs, Brett has the honor in working alongside our team in managing our Army sustainment, services and development contracts that support our Army intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance communication and sensor needs to complete worldwide missions.

He was previously co-chair of L3Harris’s Willing and Able Employee Resource group (WAERG) to provide opportunities for community outreach and resource support for employees and family/friends with disabilities as well as help foster ideas and planning for a more diverse and inclusive atmosphere at L3Harris.  The group was so successful that it warranted moving up to our corporate team to share resources and awareness across all L3Harris businesses.

He graduated from Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN) with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in environmental health and also received his Masters of Business Administration degree from New England College of Business (Boston, MA).

He enjoys working with his wife in planning and performing new home projects and getting together with friends and family (with their teenage son and adult daughter) to share in making new memories.